Our Products

The farm manages 17 hectares of vineyards and 12,000 olive trees. The wine and the olive oil are sold directly from the farm to customers who recognise the value of genuine products and the importance of buying locally. Part of the produce is bottled with the historical brand name of the farm and sold both in Italy and abroad.

Poggio Arioso Chianti D.O.C.G.

Produced with the best grapes of the farm - the Sangiovese of both the fifty year-old Grotta, and the new Ancipressi vineyards. The former is southwest facing, the latter northwest facing, both of them on chalky slopes making a perfect combination of characteristics. A small quantity of Colorino (about10%) is added to the Sangiovese, giving a very distinctive quality to the wine. The grapes, collected in crates, are fermented in cement vats for 18-24 days with methods that aim to get the best from the crop. The wine is left standing for at least 18 months, using both cement vats and oak casks of medium size. It then matures in bottles for at least 12 months.
The wine has a brilliant ruby red colour, and a ruby rim with a hint of garnet. It has the full fragrance of summer fruits and dried flowers. Its taste is rounded and long lasting, slightly sharp with an acidic strain. It goes well with ragu-based starters, main meat dishes (beef, game) and mature cheeses.

Rosso Mosciano

The name comes from the little village near the vineyard, and is the main produce of the farm. It comes from both the oldest and the newest vines. It consists of Sangiovese (80%), Merlot (10%), Canaiolo (5%) and Malvasia Bianca (5%). It is handpicked and fermented in cement vats, and macerated for about two weeks. It is then matured in both cement and stainless steel vats for about a year. After bottling it rests for a few months before going on sale.
It looks ruby red with hints of purple, has a fragrant and slightly fruity smell, and tastes fresh and savoury. It is pleasant to drink with any dish. When served cold it is good with starters.

Bianco Bigallo

This wine is produced from white Malvasia grapes from the old vineyards of the farm, together with Vermentino (40%) and Tuscan Trebbiano (5%). This guarantees the right acidity level. The must is fermented at a controlled temperature in stainless steel vats, and left with the sediment until the following spring. It is then bottled and is ready for drinking.
It has a vivid straw colour, and is fragrant and fruity. It is fresh, savoury and slightly acidic to the taste. It is good as an aperitif and goes well with fish dishes.

Poggio Arioso – Vinsanto del Chianti d.o.c.g.

This is an authentic Tuscan Vinsanto produced in the classical style. The grapes are harvested early, bunch by bunch, from the best parts of the vine.
White Malvasia Lunga and Tuscan Trebbiano are dried naturally in the 1888 drying room, and are pressed between New Year’s Day and the Epiphany. They are fermented and finished in small 50 litre kegs.
After 5 years of maturation, it is bottled in half litre quantities.
The colour is bright amber, it smells of dried fruit and flowers, and its taste is full, robust, and long lasting.
It is a dessert wine, especially good with cakes and biscuits.

Extra virgin olive oil

This comes from the 10,000 olive trees which cover forty hectares overlooking the vineyards. The oldest plants are centuries old, the youngest were planted twenty years ago. Among the different varieties are Frantoio, Leccino, Morariolo, and Pendolino. A conversion to organic methods of working the land is underway, using organic fertilizers, manual pruning, and mostly hand picking. The olives are sent to the olive press on the day they are harvested, and are cold pressed with mechanical methods. When fresh, the extra virgin oil is bright green with tinges of gold, a fruity smell suggestive of vegetables, and spicy according to the Tuscan tradition.
It should be used uncooked, and is particularly good with vegetables and fish with delicate flavours.

Extra virgin olive oil – igp Toscana – Florentine hills

This product is uniquely produced from the Frantoio olive trees in the Casanova olive grove.
These are the best plants on the farm, and are located on a high west-facing hill, and cultivated organically. The olives are picked by hand and pressed the same evening.
The oil is bright green, with an intense, fruity, aromatic, organic smell. The taste is strong, fruity, and spicy and lingers for a long time.
It should be used uncooked. It is best enjoyed with white toasted Tuscan bread, or together with a dip of fresh vegetables, with fresh fish, pork, or with a typical Florentine steak.

Direct sales

On Thursdays and Saturdays (8.00-12.00 and 14.00-18.00) we are open for the sale and tasting of our products. Many of our wines can be purchased direct from the cask, and the entire range of our products is available in the farm shop.