Cookie Policy

To make our site easier and more intuitive we use cookies. Cookies are small pieces of data that allow us to compare new and past visitors and to understand how users navigate through our site. We use the data collected through cookies to make the browsing experience more enjoyable and more efficient in the future. Cookies do not record any personal information about a user and any identifiable data will not be stored. If you want to know more about the privacy policy visit this page.

Disapproval of cookies

If you want to disable the use of cookies, you must either customize your computer settings by setting the deletion of all cookies or expressing your disagreement with cookies using the banner from which you accessed this page. To proceed without modifying the application of cookies, simply continue browsing. In case of disapproval of cookies, in addition to the SES___ technical cookie necessary for the correct functioning of the site, only one cookie will be inserted which will disable the insertion of the rest of the cookies (CookieScriptConsent). Automatic deletion of the CookieScriptConsent cookie will take place one month after its insertion. If you want to disable cookies while browsing the web you can use these two methods:

Opting out

As a rule, the browsing experience of a website visitor is tracked by Google Analytics to produce anonymous statistics. Furthermore, you can prevent the collection and use of data by Google (cookies and IP address) by downloading and installing a browser plug-in obtainable through this site. Please note that on this website, the Google Analytics code is supplemented by “gat._anonymizelp();” to ensure anonymity in the collection of IP addresses (also called IP-masking).

Do not track preferences

Do not track is a feature that allows visitors to “Opt out” of being tracked by websites for any purpose, including the use of analytics, advertising of social networks and platforms. The Do not track options can be used for a number of browsers including:
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera
If you enable Do not track in your web browser, Google Analytics will respect your choice. You will not be tracked. This is an addition to your “Opting out” for data aggregation and analysis for our website statistics. If you have disabled all cookies from your browser, we will still collect general data from your browser (eg the number of visitors to your website), but it will be less accurate and your visits will not be tracked.

Cookie approval

Each cookie, in addition to the description, has a maximum life time, after which it will delete itself. In case of approval, the cookies present in the following table will be inserted: